Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall Reflections - 1st grade

A first graders Fall Reflection art project.

Fall Reflections

We are cutting on the line.
 Art Project Objective and Steps:
*Students were to create a reflective landscape including trees using the mono print method of fall colors with tempera paint.
*Students were to learn/review about the fall colors.

Step 1:  Students folded their paper in half horizontally.
Step 2: We added a line of green tempera paint and "sandwiched" our paper together to create the reflection of land on the lower part of the paper.
Step 3:  We added five tree trunks with brown crayon on the land and also below reflecting in the water.
Step 4: Ms. Victoria came around to each student and added a squirt of red, orange and yellow tempera paint to the top of their tree trunks.  Students then "sandwiched" their paper in half and did a gentle rubbing to spread out the paint.
Step 5: After the paint was dry, students were asked to create a sailboat that was put into the water on another sheet of paper.
Step 6:  Students cut their colored sailboats out and glued them into the water.
Step 7:  We added additional blue to the water with a crayon by rubbing it on its side.
Step 8:  Students added a sun and clouds to the sky with a crayon and also its reflection.

Adding our sailboats to our art!

Madison is working on her art.

First graders busy at work in the art classroom.

These first grade students are cutting and glue in class.

Tyanna has a beautiful sailboat!

Abry's colors are terrific and creative!

Lefty's can cut on the line too!

About ready to add the sailboat to the Fall Reflection!

Grant busy at work in art!

Check out that reflection in the water!

Fall Reflection example

Busy first graders!

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