Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nonrepresentational Art - 4th grade

Nonrepresentational work of art done by a fourth grade student.
Three fourth graders working hard in class.

Students in fourth grade are learning about nonrepresentational art which is another way to refer to Abstract Art.  These artworks do not represent or depict a being, a place or a thing in the natural world.  In other words, we will not see a car, a house or a person in any of these works of art.  We will see lots of lines, shapes and colors.

All fourth grade students started with a duplication exercise to copy what types of lines and shapes they see in each square as a warm-up exercise.

Some students worked with color patterns.

Then students choose one of the 12 mini exercises and enlarged it onto a 12" x 12" white watercolor paper.  They redrew the selected image with a pencil and then outline their design with a marker.
Students were then given the freedom to paint inside of their nonrepresentational work of art.
Beautiful images with lots of colors were produced!

This fourth grader is using the warm colors.

While this fourth grader choose the cool colors.

*Duplication Exercise paper
*12" x 12" white watercolor paper
*Watercolor paints
*Paint brushes
*Water containers

Looks like ribbons falling down!

Love the designs!

Repetition of pattern is cool!
Everybody is busy!

Beautiful images!

We all have our own style in art!

He loved mixing colors!

Friends help friends during class time in art.

Watercolor painting is fun!

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  1. Beautiful, I love that they have all turned out completely different. Lovely finished results :)Elizabeth