Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Pop" Art inspired by Andy Warhol -5th grade


Students used real pop cans to work on their observation skills and fine motor skill development.  They learned that the top of the pop can is really an oval and it has an edge to it.  All the students were encouraged to really look at all the details and try to record those on the paper.  
They looked at the font, color, size and lines on each real can.  

Carefully looking at the can!
Designing our "Pop" art in class.

Students outline their designs with a black marker.

Permanent black markers were used for outlining and watercolor pencils were used to add the color.  Students were exposed to American Pop Artist Andy Warhol in class today and his Campbell's Soup Series created in 1968.  Pop art became very popular in the 1960's and focused on the reproduction of every day items.  We will also be studying about Pop Artists Lichtenstein and Oldenberg in the upcoming classes.

Ms. Barnett's fifth grade class at work looking at pop cans. 

Lettering can be challenging!

Looking for lines on the can.

Details are important in drawing.

Observation drawing is a lot of fun!

The form of our cans is a cylinder.

6" X 8.5" white paper
8.5" X 12" black paper
watercolor colored pencils
clean, empty pop cans
glue bottles
black permanent markers

Sam's Diet Mtn Dew can. 
Jena's Sunkist can.

Watercolor pencils were used to add color.

Matching the colors to the real cans can be tricky!


  1. I like how they turned out. This is another one that I want to do in my classroom. We are just finishing up with the rainbow moving lines activity.

  2. Thanks Mrs. Peterson! This was a fun project to start... excited to see the end products when they are done! Good luck with your projects!

  3. Our popular Pop Art 4 Panel artwork is inspired by the Pop Art Master himself, and is sure to add a splash of unique creativity to any room.