Thursday, November 15, 2012

Printmaking for Winter (3rd grade)

Beginning our prints!

Making a pattern of prints!

Stars fill the page.

White paint is added after every print.

He is making his prints line up on the page.

Love the pattern!

We pressed gently to make the prints.

A view from above our designs.

Painting on top of our wooden stars shapes.

Now we are adding small prints with a pen for snowflakes.

Baby dots!

We are all very busy in art class.

Look at these ladies work!

A close up of our pattern block for printmaking.

Filling the page with white stars.

After page is filled with stars we added small dots.

After printmaking we created our own snow people!

Love the top hat!

Adding a bit of color.

Pattern of stars fills her page.

Paintbrushes helped us apply the white paint.

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