Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Outerspace (1st grade)

The ladies are adding far away stars.
 Students in first grade created Outerspace scenes that included planets, stars, sun, moon and a rocket.  We discussed our own solar system and learned that Earth is third closest to the sun.  We also learned that Jupiter was the largest planet in our solar system and Saturn has rings.

Our suns are the focal point in our picture.

Cutting is difficult at times.

Students in first grade worked on their fine motor skill development on this mixed media project.  They painted, colored, cut and glue items together to create their own outer space scene.
We each have a different style in art!

Working on our outer space scene.
Check out her astronaut flying outside the rocket!
Students also attempted to learn how to color in a sphere by shading the side that is furthest away from the sun.  We talked about how day and night are created on Earth.

Black paper makes it look like a dark sky.

We are cutting out five pointed stars.

Soaring off into space!

We also attempted to learn how to draw and cut-out a five pointed star.  This was the first attempt that many of them had at drawing stars.  What a fantastic job they did!
This rocket belongs to the USA!

The rocket boosters are moving my ship into space!

We painted many small stars to make it look like they are far away.

Attempting to stay on task in art.

Outerspace is COOL!

We like to paint!

Twinkle, twinkle little star...

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