Thursday, October 18, 2012

Robert Indiana's "Love" (4th grade)

Fourth grade students watched a PowerPoint presentation this morning about American Pop Artist Robert Indiana.  We learned that Robert Indiana was actually born Robert Clark in New Castle, Indiana on September 13, 1928.  After completing his education, Robert moved to New York where he later changed his last name to Indiana.  Students selected their own one word for their wish for the world and wrote a sentence about that wish on a sloppy copy first and then went to their final paper.
I selected the word DRAW for my project.

LIKE and LIFE were selected by these boys.

Indiana is considered a Pop Artist (artist who combined bits and pieces of advertising to express contemporary values of culture), but he described himself as a sign painter.
HOPE and FEED were two popular words that fourth graders used in their project.
Students used three oil pastels to color.

Oil pastels are messy, but fun!

Few Pop images are more widely recognized than Indiana's LOVE.  Originally designed as a Christmas card commissioned by The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York in 1965.  LOVE has appeared in prints, paintings, sculptures, banners, rings, tapestries and even stamps.

Attempting to get all the white colored in with pastels.

We all have our own unique art style.
Camryn choose the word "Hope".

Oil pastels are bright colors!

Jordyn's wish for the world is that everyone is fed.
Hannah choose cool colors.

Friends help friends in art.

Fourth grade students working hard... Indiana would be proud!

Max used the word "Hope".

Will did "Gift" in all blue tones.

Layne choose "Life" with all green!


  1. Great lesson - I will definitely be borrowing this one! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. This is the first time that I've tried this lesson. But I think the students liked learning about Robert Indiana and looking at several of his pieces then attempting to make their own image. Thanks for using this Blog site!