Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Wonderful Weavings (5th grade)

Adding yarn to our looms in fifth grade.
Students in fifth grade are currently working on weaving as an art form.  We have spent three class periods working on our over and under patterns using yarn and cardboard looms.
Here is an example of our looms and weavings!
 Students in fifth grade are learning to weave with yarn.  We discussed the terms of warp (longitudinal threads) and weft (lateral threads that fill the weaving).  Cloth is usually woven on a loom, which is a device that holds the warp threads in place while filling threads are woven through them.  We are using a cardboard loom to hold our weavings together and in place.
Students in fifth grade are deciding upon color choices and patterns for their weavings.

Fifth graders getting their looms ready to weave!

Students in fifth grade will be learning various types of materials besides yarn that they could weave into their art.  We will also look at various weaving styles throughout history.
5th graders showing off the beginning to their weavings!

Working hard at the over and under pattern.

A masterpiece in progress!

I am doing a rainbow pattern.

Learning about the warp and weft in weaving.

Great start fifth graders on their weavings!
Over, under... over, under

Busy like "bees" working on our weavings!

We choose our own patterns.

Weaving is fun in fifth grade!

We share our supplies including yarn in art.

A two-color pattern weaving.

Love the corners on this weaving!

Ely's completed weaving.

Cutting it off the looms.

Look at our patterns!

Jordan is all smiles in art!

Love the colored pattern!

Weaving takes a lot of patience.

We are taking are weavings off the boards.

Finding the middle to cut off the loom.

We all work at our own speed in art.

Great patterns created with yarn!
Nate's completed weaving.

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