Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Warm Hands in a Cool World (2nd grade)

Learning about warm and cool colors in art!
 Students in second grade reviewed the warm and cool colors.  The warm colors were used once we traced our forearm and hand onto the paper.  The warm colors are red, orange and yellow.
Following the pattern is tricky!

Once students colored in the warm colors, then we worked on the negative space (or outside of the hand) with cool colors.  The cool colors were green, blue and purple.

I am using cool colors!

Trying our best and it shows!

There were rings similar to a target on each of their papers.  Some students had circular rings, others were diamond rings and the third choice was a hexagon ring.

We are great artists!

 Second grade students worked hard on following a color pattern with the warm or cool colors.
Savannah's hand

Once the coloring with crayons was complete then each student cut out their design and glued it onto a black background to make the colors even stronger.
Mia's warm hand

Giles liked the hexagon shape.

Dillon worked hard to fill in all the white areas.

Caden's hand looks amazing!

Staying on task in art!

Proud second graders of their creations!
Lilly's great hand!

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